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Casio FC-200V Genuine Financial Consultant Calculator


Brand: Casio

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Powerful, Original Financial Consultant festures take much of the work out of financial calculations

  • Plastics keys
  • 10 + 2 digits
  • Dot matrix display
  • 2-way Power (Solar + Battery)
  • Key Rollover
  • Large Display
  • Financial
  • Basic Statistics
  • Basio Mathematical Functions
  • Comes with new slide-on hand case
  • Power supply: Solar cell and a single G13 type button battery (LR44)
  • Approximate battery life: 3 years (1hour of operation per day)
  • Continuous display of flashing cursor
  • Dimensions: 12.2(H) x 80(W) x 161 (D) mm
  • Approximate weight: 105g
Direct mode key
  • Simple Interest ~ Interest amount, principle and interest.
  • Compound Interest ~ Payment period, interest rate, deposit amount, future value.
  • Investment Appraisal (Cash Flow) ~ Net present value method, internal rate of return method, payback period method, etc.
  • Amortization ~ Monthly payment, principle and interest to date.
  • General and Function ~ Virtually the same functions as a standard calculator.
  • Statistical and Regression ~ Statistical calculations using input sample data.
  • Interest Rate Conversion ~ Nominal interest rate and effective interest rate conversion.
  • Cost, Selling Price, or Margin ~ Calculation of any of the above values after inputting the other two.
  • Day or Date Calculations ~ Virtually the same as a standard calculator, with some variation in the input method.
  • Depreciation ~ Straight-line method, declining balance method.
  • Bond Calculation ~ Purchase price, annual yield.
  • Break-even Point ~ Six modes for calculation of break-even point, etc.
Easy operation with parameters
  • A full-dot-4-line display provides easier scrolling between parameters and simplifies input, confirmation, and editing.
Calculate the Result
  • The result appears immediately after you prase the SOLVE key.
Create Shortcuts
  • Once you use a parameter value or setting in a calculation, you can assign it to a shortcut key for instant recall whenever you need it. The feature is great for repeat calculations.
 What's in the box: 1 x Genuine Casio FC-200V Financial Consultant Calculator, 1 x Original User's Guide  

Brand New In Box,100% Genuine, and comes with Casio Warranty Card with 12 months Local Warranty
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Extended warranty of additional Six (6) months.
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