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Genuine Casio FX-Manager Plus Software and Presentation


Brand: Casio

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Genuine Casio FX-Manager Plus Software and Presentation

Graphic calculator in top form: The PC-Software is an excellent addition to the graphic calculator FX-9860GII/FX-9750GII-Serie and offers a wide range of advantages. .

The FX-Manager Plus is an excellent addition to the graphic calculator FX-9860GII/FX-9750GII-Serie and offers a wide range of advantages.

Features Overview

  • The advantages at a glance:
  • Creating lessons has never been so easy:
  • Lessons prepared easily on your PC
  • Screen displays integrated into other PC applications
  • Create worksheets
  • Protocol function at the touch of a key
  • Functions during lessons:
  • Presentation function
  • Real-time display of the screen / displays on the PC
  • Key input sequences can be recorded, saved, accessed and performed
  • Lesson quality improved
  • Adapted to suit the individual speed of the students
  • Students take an active part in the lesson
  • System requirements:
  • Computer: Minimum requirements: Intel® Pentium® III 500 with USB
  • Operating system: Windows® 98/Me or Windows® 2000/XP;
  • Drive capacity: 100 MB required
  • RAM: As recommended for the operating system


Functions & General Information

  • Create your own screenshots:
    - Integrate screen shots into other PC applications
    - Prepare worksheets
  • This function is used by connecting any graphing calculators from the FX-9860G range to the PC via USB.
    - Real-time display of the device's screen on the PC
    - Integrating students into the structure of the lesson increases their levels of activity
  • The sequences of key strokes can be recorded, stored, called-up again and reprocessed.
    - Creating work sheets and the option of saving and archiving complicated steps in a calculation for use at a later stage
    - Improving the quality of the teaching by making it easier to understand the steps in the calculations, which allows each student to adjust individually to the pace


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