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Casio MC-12M Shop Calculator Genuine Casio Mini Desk Type


Brand: Casio

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Genuine Casio Shop Calculator MC-12M

Desk-Top Type, 12 digits, Solar Power / AA Battery 2-way Power

Shop Calculators Designed to Maximize Usability at Shops



1.  Change Function

  • Change function for simple calculation of payment amount and change

2.  Cost, Selling Price & Margin

  •  Easy calculation of cost, selling price and margin

3. Easy-To-Use Key Design

Big keys & High-contrast keys

  •  Frequently used keys have been enlarged to prevent input errors. The number keys and other keys are different colours to increase visibility.

4.  Easy Visible Liquid Crystal Display

Angled Display

  •  The LCD is angled to improve visibility so that the display is easy to read even when serving customers while seated.

5.  Simplified Battery Replacement

Solar Power / AA Battery

  • Two-way power supply enables the calculator to be powered by a solar battery or an affordable AA battery. The battery can be easily replaced simply by opening the battery cover. 

6.  Easy to Hold & Slip-Resistant

Grip Shape & Texture

  •  The casing is shaped to fit the hand and textured to prevent slipping for excellent usability when the calculator is held in the hand, such as when showing the display to a customer.

7.  Off Button

  •  OFF button is useful to save power.

8. Size of Case / Total Weight

  • Weight : 140g
  • Dimensions (D × W × H) : 144×112×38.6mm


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Brand New In Box,100% Genuine, and comes with Casio Warranty Card with 12 months Local Warranty

The limited warranty must be registered online to receive following EXTRA PRIVILEGES:-
Extended warranty of additional Six (6) months.
We guarantee that all the items we carry are authentic and brand new. Unless otherwise stated.


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